The 11 Best Egg Laying Chickens: Real Homesteaders Tell All

The Best Egg Laying Chickens

It’s hard to figure out what are the best egg-laying chicken breeds, so look at what real homesteaders have to say! The main reason most people raise backyard chickens is because they want a fresh supply of eggs. Nothing compares to gathering warm, fresh eggs each morning and turning them into delicious meals for yourRead more

Can You Raise Chickens and Ducks Together? Yes! It’s Simple

How to Raise Chickens and Ducks Together

I wanted ducks for a long time, but I had no idea if I could raise chickens and ducks together. So, I delayed buying ducks for the longest time. I looked at all of the breeds online and stopped to look at the ducks at our local farm & fleet store, but I never pulledRead more

6 Simple Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns for Your Homestead

crochet Christmas tree skirt

Adding a crochet Christmas tree skirt to your decorations this year will add a unique flair that you’ll love. I always share with you all, my lovely readers, gardening and homesteading topics, but I don’t share something very near and dear to my heart – crocheting. I’m avid crocheter, and I want to bring thatRead more

8 Winter Composting Tips: How to Compost Year Round

Winter composting

You don’t have to stop composting in the winter. Winter composting is so easy! For the longest time, I stopped composting when the temperatures dipped lower. I assumed that winter composting was way too complicated, but I missed out on a serious opportunity to create more compost for my spring garden. Don’t be too intimidatedRead more

How to Make Homemade Apple Butter Recipe for Canning

apple butter recipe

Nothing tastes better on a cold, fall morning than homemade apple butter on a piece of warm toast with a glass of tea. I’m serious guys! I might have a bit of nostalgia about a good apple butter recipe, which makes me love it even more than the average person. You see, my aunt usedRead more

6+ Ways to Preserve Zucchini for the Fall

When your zucchini harvest arrives, it comes in hot and heavy. You’ll need to find different ways to preserve zucchini if you don’t want it to go to waste. You don’t have to drive your family nuts with zucchini recipes all summer long either. Zucchini can be preserved, but most people don’t think of theRead more

20 Cool-Weather Vegetables for Your Fall Garden

Summer is the time when you need to pick and plan your cool-weather vegetables for your fall garden. A fall garden really starts in the summer. You have to decide which cool-weather vegetables you want to grow, and many need to be started inside and transferred outside later. Fall is my favorite time of theRead more

Keep Chickens Cool: 12 Tips to Use This Summer

Chickens in the Summer

Keeping your chickens cool in the summer is more important than winter care. Everyone is always so worried about their chickens handling the cold temperatures of winter, but the real concern is keeping chickens cool in the summer. Even though they’re farm animals, chickens are still vulnerable to heat stroke and other problems brought onRead more

10 Flowers to Plant in a Vegetable Garden


Planting flowers in your vegetable garden is a great way to reduce pests and increase biodiversity. Everyone loves pretty flowers throughout their garden beds, but you might not knowing that there are some good reasons for planting flowers with vegetables. Sure, it looks awesome. My garden beds full of marigolds and tomatoes looks visually beautiful,Read more

12 Gardening Hacks: Growing More Tomatoes This Year

Different Colored Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the trickiest vegetables to grow, in my opinion. To preserve enough tomato products to last my family a year, I need – AT LEAST – 52 quarts but more is ideal. I struggled for years to figure out how to grow more tomatoes for my family. Tomatoes are finicky plants, andRead more