How to Pay Down Debt Faster with a No Spend Month

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Are you searching for extra money in your budget to throw towards debt? When your budget is tight, finding even an extra $20 can be a struggle. Or, you may feel lazy towards debt payoff and need to kick it into high gear.

There is no better way to beef up the debt snowball than to have a no spend month.

Wait, a no spend month?! Does that mean our family won’t spend money on anything?

No! That isn’t what a no spend month is at all. The concept is whatever you make it, but most people assign these typical rules to a no spend month.


With all of the money we save, we will be able to make larger payments toward debts. Our primary goal this month is a remaining credit card that needs to go!

I am excited (and nervous) to start March! We are going to try to encourage the kids and tell them it is a game. I’m hoping the weather brightens up so we can spend extra time at the park and less time other places.

We do have other goals for our no spend month of March

  • Curb Our Spending Habits: After Christmas, it can be hard to stop the insane amount of purchasing. We are ready to be done!
  • Sell Unneeded Items: As I mentioned before, we hope to move this summer. Everyone knows that moving reveals just how many items you collected over the years. This month, I need to get rid of things. No items in and a lot out!
  • Trim Our Budget: I have had the same budget for months now. Sometimes, I feel as if we need a refresh button. I need to look at it with fresh eyes to see what needs change and what needs updated. This month, we will focus on changing and adapting our budget to meet the growing needs of our family.

Does a no spend month sound like a great idea for your family? Do you want to commit to paying off more debt in one month than usual? Join me! Post your updates on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #NoSpendMonthFGP



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