20 Ways to Make Money on a Homestead

10 Seeds to Start Directly in Your Garden

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Are you looking for ways to make money on a homestead with small acreage? You might think that, since you only have a few acres of land, there is no way to make a profit. You are wrong! There are so many ways to make money on a homestead, no matter the size!

Those of us with only a few acres of land typically can’t have too much livestock, but that doesn’t mean we are incapable of making money while homesteading. There are so many fantastic ways! Homesteading CAN be a money maker.

This list is FAR from exhaustive. These are just a few ways I know you can make money on a homestead. Many of them I have tried myself successfully!

20 Ways to Make Money on a Homestead

  1. Sell Your Eggs: Chances are you will have extra eggs if you have chickens. Remember to always feed your family first. People love to purchase farm eggs. You can easily sell them for $2.50 to $4.50 per dozen, depending on what they eat and your location.
  2. Sell Your Surplus Fruits and Veggies: More than likely, you produce some or all of your fruits and veggies your family needs. Once you have secured all of your food for your family, you can sell your surplus at a farmer’s market or a CSA. People love to purchase veggies from a fresh source!
  3. Offer Seasonal Activities: People love seasonal activities. If you have the space, plant a u-pick strawberry or raspberry patch. You can plant a small apple tree grove. In the fall, offer a pumpkin patch. The kids can come, pick pumpkins and paint them. Parents and kids love these types of activities.
  4. Sell Compost: Compost is expensive in the stores, priced between $6 to $10 per bag. If you create too much compost for your garden, try bagging and selling the compost. Make sure you do it correctly. No one wants to end up with tons of weeds because you created the compost wrong!
  5. Cut Flowers: Believe it or not, cut flowers sell just as well at farmer’s markets as veggies and fruit. People love beautiful bouquets of flowers. If your passion is flowers, don’t fret. You can easily sell create a flower garden instead. There is a fantastic book about this, called The Flower Farmer. You’ll find great information there.
  6. Sell Fresh and Dried Herbs: If you are at the market selling vegetables, try selling bundles of fresh herbs. Basil, parsley, oregano, sage and more do wonderful at farmer’s markets. You could also try drying and selling your dried herbs. Medicinal herbs sell great as well, so don’t forget the lavender and chamomile!
  7. Teach a Class: Learning new skills can be hard if you don’t have a mentor. Once you feel confident with your skills, offer classes. People will pay to learn with a hands-on instructor to properly can their foods or how to start seedlings at home. Make sure they have something to take home with them as well!
  8. Sell Started Seedlings: The average gardener goes to a store like Lowe’s or a local nursery to purchase their started seedlings. Instead, try selling your seedlings. I don’t know about you, but I always tend to start more than I need. Take advantage of this. If your plants are organic and heirloom, you can price each seedling between $2 and $4, a great price if you are selling over a 100 seedlings each year!
  9. Chicks or Fertilized Eggs: If you have a flock of chicken, you can sell your own day-old chicks. If you have the space, you could also wait a few weeks and sell them for more money. Chicks sell for between $2 and $4, depending on breed. You could sell a started pullet for $7 to $10. If you have the market for it, some farmers prefer to purchase fertilized eggs. You would sell them for the same price you sell your eggs, unless they are special breed chickens.
  10. Herbal Teas: For those of us who use herbal remedies, try sell your own homemade herbal teas! There are a few steps involved, such as growing the herbs and drying them. However, people love herbal teas and you might be surprised how much you truly sell, especially at farmer’s markets!
  11. Homemade Soap: You don’t need a goat to make soap, even though goat’s milk soap sells wonderfully. Using melted soy, you can make your own soap. Best of all, you can find ways to use items from your homestead in the soaps, such as herbs (lavender) or cucumber.
  12. Growing and Selling Mushrooms: If you are looking for crops that sell for higher prices, mushrooms will be on the list. Most farmer’s don’t grow their own mushrooms. Because you can grow specialty varieties, you can make a large profit on mushrooms. Not too many people think of growing mushrooms when thinking about how to make money on a homestead.
  13. Jellies and Jams: Customers LOVE homemade jellies and jams. I sell a huge range of variety, from simple recipes like strawberry jam to more creative kinds like dandelion jelly. Remember to check your state’s cottage laws before selling jellies and jams.
  14. Crochet or Knit: In all that spare time you have, try selling crochet or knitted items. I crochet, and I find that many people love handmade items, especially close to Christmas. While I do sell some throughout the year, I try to make sure I have a large stock available to sell to customers around Christmas.
  15. Save and Sell Seeds: Once you have the whole gardening thing down, it is time to start saving those seeds. You will want to make sure you use heirloom seeds for this. Not only does saving seeds help save you money while gardening, it also can earn you a profit. Each seed package sells between $2-$3.
  16. Maple Syrup: Not everyone can sell maple syrup; you clearly need maple trees on your property. With only one acre of land, we typically produce just enough maple syrup to last our family a year. However, if you have a bigger piece of property, you can easily have surplus. Maple syrup is pricey and eats up some of your time, but you will make a profit! A gallon sells for $40 to $50, but it also takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup!
  17. Woodwork: If you love to create things with wood, woodworking is for you. People LOVE handmade items like tables and benches. Those take time. For quicker items, try making shelves and signs.
  18. Bake Bread and Rolls: Another item you can sell at a farmer’s market is bread or rolls. You can also make fruit bread, like banana bread, or cookies. Customers will buy homemade bread. You can price between $2 to $4 per loaf, depending on your location and ingredients used.
  19. Specialty Hot Peppers: While this does go under number one, there is a special market for hot peppers. Peppers such as Ghost Peppers, Thai Hot Peppers and Carolina Reapers are famous for their high heat level. You can price these peppers higher than you would other varieties.
  20. Honey and Honey Products: You may or may not have bees. If you do, you have the option to sell the honey and any products from the bees, such as beeswax. If bees intimidate you, remember it is legal in most cities. Bees are natural and important for our food cycle!

Making the jump to homesteading can feel scary. It takes money to start, so you want to make sure you have money coming in as well. No matter the size, there are ways to make money on a homestead quickly!

Do you have different ways you make money on your small homestead? I would love to hear them! Share in the comments.

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