Introducing Jolene Renee

I’ve been absent for several weeks, but it’s for a great reason! Our sweet baby girl arrived on March 13th, a whooping 9lbs 15oz and 23.5 inches long. Surprisingly, she wasn’t our largest baby!

My c-section went well. We did have a hiccup when we realized that my uterus was rupturing. It was scary, but we praise God that Jolene and I came out safe and happy. My recovery has been wonderful. Andrew was off work for six weeks, and he took wonderful care of me throughout my first few weeks of recovery.

She is now almost 7 weeks old, and life is slowly getting back to normal. We are trying to find our new norm, which is hard! The kids and I had a set routine before the baby arrived, and now we have to find our new norm. It is very slowly happening.

Connor, our third child, is two years old and is slightly struggling with the adjustment. He loves his baby sister a bit too much. His love is an aggressive love. However, he is craving more attention than ever before. We will find our balance soon. It’s hard to believe she has been here for only seven weeks, and we can’t imagine our life without this sweet girl.

I am so thankful and happy to be done with pregnancy. While I loved each of my pregnancies carrying my four kids, we are ready to put the chapter behind us. No more babies for this family! It is a bittersweet time, knowing that as she grows, it is the last time I will have a baby this age. However, we are ready to pursue other dreams, expand our homesteading efforts, travel, and see where God takes our family.

So, I am back and ready with some wonderful information to bring to you all! Spring gardening season is upon us, and we have seeds in the ground finally!

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