7 Winter Composting Tips: How to Compost Year Round

Winter composting

You don’t have to stop composting in the winter. Winter composting is so easy! For the longest time, I stopped composting when the temperatures dipped lower. I assumed that winter composting was way too complicated, but I missed out on a serious opportunity to create more compost for my spring garden. Don’t be too intimidatedRead more

15 Composting Tips for Beginners You Need to Get Started

Composting Tips for Beginners

Have you heard that all good gardeners need to compost but have no idea where to start? Honestly, I feel you, but you can beat those worries by learning the right composting tips immediately. You might feel apprehensive about starting a compost. The idea of taking typical kitchen waste and creating a “rich compost” thatRead more

15 Things You Should Never Compost

Compost pile with safe items

Did you know there are things you should never compost? Composting reduces trash output and provides an excellent soil amendment for gardens. Compost adds nutrients back into your soil, but not everything belongs there. In fact, understanding what not to put in a compost ensures that the end product is safe for your garden use.Read more