Homemade Yogurt Tubes for Kids

Homemade Yogurt Tubes for Kids

Do your kids love Go-Gurts as much as mine do? I have to admit; they’re pretty delicious. However, even the “Simply Go-Gurts” contain chemicals that I don’t necessarily want my children to eat on a regular basis, so I decided to make some homemade yogurt tubes instead. We drink raw milk that we purchase fromRead more

Time to Decide: Are Cloth Diapers A Good Choice for My Family?

Cloth diapers are an environmentally safe, money saving choice for parents. An average family can spend over $1,000 on disposable diapers for one child. A family can spend under $500 on a stash of cloth diapers that lasts longer than one child. Trying to decipher and understand the cloth diaper world is challenging at first!Read more

Canning Green Beans: How to Can Green Beans at Home

canning green beans

Canning green beans at home is easier than you imagine, but make sure you have a pressure canner! We are in the middle of prime green bean season, where our plants are overflowing. Canning green beans allow you to put them up for casseroles and easy side dishes later in the year. Canning green beansRead more

Gardening on a Budget: 20 Frugal Gardening Tips


Gardening doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby; there are plenty of gardening on a budget ideas. Gardening is meant to save you money or at least be enjoyable, but the beginning start-up costs can feel overwhelming. Not everyone has the cash to start a large garden all at one time. You can find tipsRead more